Hey, Hey, Heymann Performing Arts Center

Hey man, Lafayette's first municipal auditorium turned into a theater!

The deeper insight into the Heymann family's legacy with the performing arts with their auditorium turned theater.

Who knew one of Lafayette's most famous figures patronized the arts? The Heymann Performing Arts Center was originally Lafayette’s first municipal auditorium designed by architect A. Hays Town in 1957. Town built many of the most famous buildings in Lafayette and the Performing Arts Center combines his speciality for French Creole architecture with a more functional modernist style.

It was completed in 1960 and people were excited for new cultural events for the growing city. The Daily Advertiser played on the new experience for Lafayette’s citizens as they mentioned this, performing arts, as the American way to create a better society. The center hosted Broadway shows and it brought major cities’ acclaim to Lafayette. Since then, we see performances of ballets, concerts, and other celebrations. A parking lot hides the true beauty of the theater which boasts a professional stage and extensive setup for Lafayette to showcase its art prowess in dance, musicals, and plays.

The Heymann family has prided itself on giving back to the city’s community in the downtown area in oil and business acclaim, medical expertise, and the performing arts. The Heymann Performing Arts Center still faces challenges as many speculate on its future with theories on selling the theater.



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