The Famous Livable Corner Bank

Bank of Scott

Old corner bank turned into renovated AirBnB.

Scott, Louisiana is full of rural characteristics and has several historic buildings. Many of the buildings throughout the city resemble a special style and are similar historically. Downtown Scott is split into two sections by the railroad tracks.
The Bank of Scott was founded in 1910, in the great city of Scott, Louisiana. It is a one-story brick building located at the intersection of St. Mary Street and Delhomme Avenue in Lafayette Parish. The Bank of Scott is centered at the heart of the city. This bank promotes rich commercial architecture from the early 20th century. It is also amongst one of the first banks in the state of Louisiana.
The bank’s exterior consists of solid red bricks and tall windows. The original windows, doorways and floors are still intact. The doorways entailed with half-round arched designs at the top of the arch detailed with red bricks. What is unique about the outer structure of the building is that if you look closely you can see the original “burglar” bars hanging over the glass as well as the distinctive white supporting columns. As you can see in the photo, the front door is a new replacement of a set of French doors with three glass panels inside. The original door of the bank was a large set of double doors with a sign saying “Bank of Scott” painted on top of it. The interior of the bank includes solid brick walls with a thick layer of plaster hovering over the bricks.
The Bank of Scott thrived throughout the 1900’s and the tellers were individuals that will never be forgotten. The original teller cages have currently been removed and turned into an open room with fifteen-foot ceilings with original hardwood floors. The vault still remains in the Bank of Scott. Since then, the vault has been turned into a kitchen for the residential area. Also, a former office space has been renovated into a small bathroom.
This bank is now a thriving residential space for visitors to reside in. You can book this living space on your next visit to Louisiana. The Bank of Scott is the epitome of a small town corner entry bank that ran throughout the south. Although it is now a living area, the architecture will never be forgotten.