Kaliste Saloom Jr AKA “The History Book of Lafayette”

The history behind the naming of Kaliste Saloom Road.

Kaliste Saloom is named after Judge Kaliste Saloom SR. Kaliste Saloom JR was the son of Saloom SR. Salooms son was known for his dedication to the community, with that being said a lot of people considered the street to be named after him. Saloom just recently passed away in December of 2017. They say that Saloom was a very devoted catholic, and everyone knew him well. His father Kaliste Saloom SR, passed away in 1925 when he was 6 years old. Saloom Jr, graduated from Southwestern Louisiana Institute of Liberal and Technical Learning in 1939. When WWII came about he got drafted into the Army in June of 1942, but had just enough time to finish his degree at Tulane University. Where does” Judge” come from you are wondering. After being a Lawyer and a City Attorney he served as a Judge from 1952-1983. That’s when Saloom really became well known, even after he retired in 1993. Saloom was an important and very well-known native to Lafayette, which is why they named a street after him in his honor.