The Catholic Church of Patterson, Louisiana

St. Joseph Church

19th Century Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church is located in the city of Patterson within the St. Mary Parish. In 1848 a group of catholic men, from a Dutch settlement, purchased the land that the church is sitting on for $225, and in 1895 Father Thomas Smith began construction of the St. Joseph Church on these grounds. Throughout its time, this church has withstood multiple fires and hurricanes that show the hundred plus years of wear and tear this church has had to endure. The biggest catastrophe that this Church has had to endure was the hurricane of 1926 that reached speeds of up to 115 miles per hour and basically destroyed everything aside from the church. As time went on the church had to do a lot of repairs to fix the church but the original structure is still standing along with multiple little renovations done by the various priest throughout the years.