Every Child Should be Loved

St, Mary's Orphanage

A Louisiana Orphanage opens up its doors to abandoned children in hopes of creating a better life for them.

In the 1920's, St. Mary’s Orphange opened its doors. The home welcomed abandoned and orphaned children to a renovated old building to be cared for.
In 1924, the orphanage was created by Bishop Jules B. Jeanmard. He then managed the home and began caring for children with all types of backgrounds. The last Daughter of Wisdom, Sister Mary June Morin, cared for the children at St. Mary’s and retired in 2011 after serving over fifty one years of service. Morin would regularly volunteer and visit children, up until she passed away in 2014.
In the late 1950’s, St. Mary’s home decided to not only to care for children but to also care for those with disabilities. During the next decade, St. Mary’s Home decided to move to a larger building in order to care for more children. They moved into a 50-bed nursing facility that specialized in residential care for children with severe mental disabilities.
By the early 1980’s, St Mary’s home transformed and thrived into what it is today. In 1986 the main building of the home was demolished by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. It is now a privately owned, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that provides exquisite care by experts consistently for children with severe physical and mental disabilities.
Throughout the years, the number of children cared for at the St. Mary’s Home has expanded from a dozen to over 100. The Home strives to cherish, love and respect every young person who walks in the door.