A Father and Son

Fournet street was named in honor of a father and son that had a very similar life.

Fournet street is currently located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Fournet is named after a father and his son. Gabriel Fournet is the father of Joseph Fournet. Gabriel graduated from Georgetown College in 1861. He then entered the military during the civil war as a major of the Yellow Jacket Battalion in 1862. In 1866 he decided to go back to St Martinville and practice law. During this time Gabriel was very involved in the city. He was an editor for a newspaper and a clerk of court. Also in 1866 he took the bar in New Orleans to continue his practice in law. In 1870 Gabriel has his son Joseph. His son Joseph had just as much of an impact as he did. In 1880 Gabriel moved back to Lake Charles in 1893 with his family. Joseph graduated from Tulane University. When he returned to Lake Charles he opened up his own law firm. Gabriel’s wife passed away in 1893, and then 15 years later Gabriel passed. Gabriel and Joseph both come from very respected family from several generations. The street Fournet Street is named in their honor because of the impact they had on the community itself.