The Iberian Masterpiece

St. Peter Catholic Church

Duperier Grounds

St. Peter Catholic Church was established in 1838 shortly after the surrounding area saw an influx of French immigrants who moved down from the north. The growing population yearned for a church and one local man named Frederick Duperier made it happen when he purchased, and then donated the land the church sits on to the community for the sole purpose of building a church. According to the records Mr. Duperier had one provision, that the church be visible from his home which has now ironically created a very picturesque alley between the main street and St. Peter’s street. In 1889 the construction of the new church was complete, and it wasn’t until 1951 that the modern day church was built after the second church had to be taken down. The current St. Peter Church is a large structure with a red brick façade that imitates a French Renaissance design that the local catholic community is very proud of.