Egan Hotel and Opera House

The Eagan Hotel and The Grand Opera House, located next to each other proudly in Crowley Louisiana, both have some quirks that add character to the Cajun area. Both locations were owned by the same individual and he had never allowed a group inside either building to investigate… sounds suspicious doesn’t it? Rumors of a boy and his father being murdered here as well as a woman being murdered by her husband have supposedly occurred but are not of proven history. Priests have been brought in to perform blessings of the building. They attempted to place their blessings over the doors of the rooms where deaths have taken place. During the crew’s investigation, several interesting things that happened. In room 302, they had numerous EMF spikes recorded on the EMF meter when the building has no power ran throughout it and there were knocking sounds in room 232. Two crew members reported seeing what looked like the shadow of a man walking into the bathroom on the second floor. Further investigation found no one present. About an hour and a half later, a sudden temperature drop was recorded from 57 to a drastic 39 degree drop. Once the investigators began their mission, they found many instances of indescribable activity, mostly on stage hand right, the exact location where the maintenance worker died from being hanged. Audio analysis provided a very clear EVP of a female saying, "I can hear." How chilling is that?