Mary Jane's Bridge

Every town has their fair share of urban legends, and this little town is no exception. In Broussard, Louisiana you can find the infamous Mary Jane’s Bridge. On small road called Bayou Tortue off of Highway 90, this tee-tiny bridge can be located at the narrowing roads past many subdivisions in the area. As predictable as any tale of a bridge could be, a girl by the name of Mary Jane was out on her prom night. Both her and her date stopped the car to get out and stand on the bridge to admire the beauty of the algae-infested muddy waters. Next thing you know, her supposedly well mannered date PUSHED HER off of the bridge, and poor little Mary Jane died upon impact. And of course, as the legend goes, a girl in a white dress haunts the bridge and the surrounding area. I have heard that if you stop on the bridge and turn your car off, she will magically appear in your car window starting at you.