The Enterprises of the Development of Heymann Oil Focus

Maurice Heymann was an easy going guy who developed the The Heymann Oil Center.

Maurice Heymann was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1885. Heymann had a tremendous impact on Lafayette’s history. He was known for many extraordinary things. The Heymann Oil Center was developed by Heymann himself. It was developed in the 1950’s and was known as the “Hub City”. “Hub City” name was selected to issue space for the gas and oil industry to dilate. It was immense and bordering the Gulf of Mexico, so it was productive in managing business to that specific area. Heymann was a fortune but contributed a lot to the land near the Hub City. The Petroleum Club was organized by a group of oilmen who went to Heymann with an idea to build a “club” room for the convenience of being able to go somewhere and let loose after long day of work. Heymann agreed that it was an exceptional idea so he gave them an alternative. He stated that if they constructed it that he would donate some of his land for the “club room”. The Petroleum Blub was officially opened on April 12, 1953, it was doing so well and expanding so broad that it ended up being the largest Petroleum Club in the world