Ambassador Caffery Parkway

Caffery was well known for the many different assignments he had completed.

Ambassador Caffery Boulevard was named in honor after an important man Jefferson Caffery. Caffery was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1886. He went to The Southwestern Industrial Institute which is now known as The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After attending The Southwestern Industrial Institute in 1906, he graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Caffery had many different assignments but there were five major ones that he was widely known for. In1926 he was promoted to El Salvador, then went to Cuba. He was then sent to Brazil to keep the country neutral during WW2 in 1937. Then in 1944 Caffery
was appointed Ambassador of France during the time when the government was being reestablished. Finally, in 1955 he was awarded The Cordon of Republic in Egypt. After his final destination in Egypt Caffery and his wife retired in Rome, Italy. There he was the honorary private chamberlain to three popes, Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI. Shortly after the death of Mrs. Caffery he then returned back to Lafayette, Louisiana in 1973. Both Mr. and Mrs. Caffery are buried behind the St John’s Cathedral in Lafayette. The street Ambassador Caffery Parkway is named in his honor.