The Old Cajun Church

St. Jacques de Cabahannoce Catholic Church

The Church Under The River

The St. Jacques de Cabahannoce Catholic Church was established in 1757. The original location of the church is now in the Mississippi river, and the actual church structure that was moved numerous times has been swept away by the Mississippi river throughout the years. Prior to being swept away by the river, this church was the hub for Cajun immigrants who were exiled from the north. The location of the original church was built right next to the Mississippi river and many of these Cajun people felt a connection to the church and the river, by which many of these Cajuns used to escape the north using boat. This church helped spread the catholic faith within the region and also helped many Acadians feel more comfortable when they first settled the area. Although the church’s structure is gone, remnants of the church and cemetery still remain at the current location. The current location can be visited or viewed by anybody who would be interested in learning about the historic site. As a service to the church the perish built St. James Church at a location very close to the last known spot of St. Jacques de Cabahnnoce church.