Central Louisiana State Hospital

Have you ever wondered what happens to tortures souls of Acadiana after their bodies have withered away?

In Pineville, Louisiana, you will find one of the most predictable places to be haunted—A mental institution. Central LA State Hospital is a psychiatric hospital built in 1906 and surprisingly is still under operation. It housed THOUSANDS of patients at a time and it has just as many buried among its grounds. Since this hospital was under operation years before the idea of the hearse, most of the first patients’ lifeless bodies were transported from their deathbed to the gravesite via wheelbarrow, until modern practices were adapted. The spirits of many loved ones that passed on while residing here must have been tortured souls who seem to have unfinished business on Earth. There have been numerous reports of staff members hearing doors slamming, despite all the doors already being secured moments prior. Chairs have mysteriously flipped over after being seen right-side-up few moments prior and no one has been in or out the room. Investigators have witnessed a loud shatter that seemed like glass or something hard and hollow had been thrown to the floor. They discovered that a piece of the floor had been broken up into pieces, as if the tile “exploded.” Nothing looked broken when they first searched the building and it seemed freshly shattered, and they were all unable to identify how it broke. The spirits of Central Louisiana State Hospital remain active today and certain sites of its location is still open for touring, so feel free to give it a look and fulfill your suspense!