Johnston Street

General Albert Sidney Johnston was honored for his multiple assignments as a general.

General Albert Sidney Johnston was born in Kentucky in 1803. He first attended a University in Lexington but later graduated in 1826 from a Military Academy in West Point. Johnston was known for serving in three major places, The Texas, U.S, and Confederate Armies. Johnston was in one of the highest ranking generals during the Battle of Shiloh. He was also a U.S Texas military officer who served during the Civil War as a general. Johnston first served as a general in Texas during the Texas Revolution. During his assignment in Texas he and the previous general had gotten into an argument that turned into a duel. Johnston suffered with a wounded hip which also was a result of his death later in in the Battle of Shiloh. After that he resigned and moved back to his home town Kentucky. In 1856 Johnston ended up leading the U.S military to the war known as the Utah War. After Johnston resigned from the U.S Army in 1861 he ended up being put in the Confederate Department. During his assignment here he ended up leading his confederates to the Battle of Shiloh where he took his final breath.