Healing with Prayer


Traiteur, or faith healer, uses a technique known as “treating,” which is a prayer-based method used to fight illness or injury (Turner-Neal, 2016). “For centuries countless traditional healing techniques have been passed down to each new generation, before dwindling down to the rare mention of traditional medicine in present-day America (Ponseti, 2017).” To be a traiteur specifically, one in the family has to past it down to you.
Becca Begnaud is one of the very few Traiteurs living in Acadiana that people from all over go to visit. She became one in 1989 after having cancer and has been practicing ever since (Guidry, 2017) She explains that there's a different prayer for every condition but it all must be done in person (Turner-Neal, 2016). In order to visit Begnaud, or any other traiteur, you will have to ask around like many did in the past and a great place to start would be Vermilionville (Gremillion, 2015).
“Opened in 1990, Vermilionville is a living history museum and folklife park that promotes and propagates the cultural resources of the Acadian, Native American, and Creole people – from the time period 1765 to 1890 (Mahoney).” Within this historical museum village is the Healer’s Garden that is filled with all sorts of plants and herbs that are used to make home remedies. Sometimes on the tour there will be a traiteur telling the history of faith healing and if not the main staff can tell you a thing or two on where to find them.



300 Fisher Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508