Calcasieu Courthouse

Perhaps Toni Jo Henry lurks the halls of the Calcasieu Courthouse.

In the beautiful city of Lake Charles, lies the Calcasieu Courthouse. To any tourist passing by, it is just a regular court. But, when the history of this noteworthy monument is applied, you will understand the peculiarity of it.
Annie Beatrice McQuiston, more infamously known as Toni Jo Henry, was a woman of this area who had a rough life that left her bitter and vengeful. She lost her mother at a young age and fell into the life drugs, sex work, and crime. That is, until she fell in love with a man by the name of Cowboy. What she didn’t know is before they were married, Cowboy had killed a cop and was running from being sentenced to 50 years in jail. Toni Jo teamed up with a homeless man named Arkie to break him out of prison in Texas. They brutally tortured and killed a car salesman, and fled to a dive bar later that night, where they drunkenly boasted of their so called "accomplishment" and others reported them to the police . She went through 3 trials and became the only woman in Louisiana to die in the electric chair. It is now said that her screams, footsteps, and an indistinguishable voice can be heard throughout the building. Also, smells of her perfume and burning hair linger in the air. The building is still open if you wish you meet her yourself.


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