"I'll see your hundred and raise you twenty."

Chretien Point Plantation and its Mistress

Félicité Chretien is not a woman to mess with.

Near the banks of Bayou Bourbeuax, amongst the fields of Sunset, stands a 12-room mansion at the heart of what used to be a 3,000-acre cotton plantation. Construction of the mansion began in 1831 by a man named Hypolite Chretien II and the mansion, along with the cotton fields, was named Chretien Point Plantation. Shortly after the completion of construction, Hypolite and his youngest passed away from yellow fever. He left behind his wife, Félicité Neda Chretien, and four small children.

Félicité Chretien was a very strong-willed, attractive lady who regularly participated in what was traditionally “men only” activities such as smoking and gambling. In that day and age, women did not live alone or throw parties or manage plantations, but Félicité, a “man’s woman,” wasn’t afraid to do all those things. She was very good gambling and could increase her land by winning many games.

News spread quickly about Félicité living alone without a man, and many desired to take her fortune. One dark night, a gang of men attempted to rob the house, but Félicité stood guard to protect her family and her home. When Félicité heard the men approaching, she quickly grabbed her gun and rushed down the stairs. With no time to wake and get the help of her servants, Félicité confronted the intruder herself. She yelled at him to stop but he continued to advance and when he was in close enough range, she shot the man in the head and killed him. With one man down and several more coming across the lawn, Félicité ran to awaken her men and arm them so they could help protect the house.

The other men continued to move toward the house. Félicité told them to leave and they replied with “We are looking for our friend.” Félicité said he was not there and that they would be shot if they did not leave and get off her property. The gang fled, leaving their friend behind. The next morning, Félicité had her maids clean and scrub the floor where the intruder bled to death and called the police to take the body away. The maids scrubbed in vain but they couldn’t get the stain out. Félicité later moved to New Orleans, where she passed away, and left the plantation to her son.

Today, the blood stain remains on the floor just in front of the stairs and serves as a reminder of Félicité’s strong will and bravery. It is rumored that the intruder can still be felt inside the mansion or seen coming across the lawn. Despite not having died in the house, visitors can also catch a glimpse of Félicité as she continues to stand her ground. And if it is quiet enough, the echoes of Félicité’s poker voice can still be heard throughout the mansion saying, “I’ll see your hundred and raise you twenty.”



Chretien Point Plantation on the Banks of Bayou Bourbeaux, in Sunset, Louisiana within St. Landry Parish: 665 Chretien Point Rd Sunset, LA ~ The plantation is now marked as private property.