The Battle of Buzzard's Prairie

The battle of Buzzards Prairie and the Battle of Bayou Bourbeux were fought close to the Chretien Plantation in the vicinity of Vermilionville for over six months. General Green and General Taylor have already fought in Bisbland, Franklin, and twice at the Vermilion River bridge. General Thomas Green intended to surprise the Federal by luring them into the open fields of the plantation and then striking the Yankees with Captain Semmes's hidden battery on the flank. General Weitzel's units assaulted the confederate lines in the fields in front of Chretien Plantation. Still, the attack collapsed when Greens, 7th cavalry, led by Col. W.P. Hardemannth, attacked his right side, and Semmes artillery assaulted them from the left. General Weitzel fell back and was Reinforced by Lt. Marland. They regrouped and pushed the confederates back. The battle then became an exchange of musket and cannon fire that lasted several hours. The Federals had overwhelming numbers, but Franklin didn't order another attack until about 10 o'clock that morning, led by the Mid-Westerners of Burbridge's Brigade. The Confederates withdrew behind Bayou Bourbeau while Hardeman had the 7th Texas Cavalry slow down the Yankees from concealed positions around the Chretien Plantation. The 7th then withdrew across the bayou, and the 4th and 5th Texas began skirmishing with the Mid-Westerners to slow their advance. Green's men were driven off, but he accomplished his goal of sizing up the Federal Army's strength. A little over two weeks later, on November 3rd and 4th, they would once again clash at the Battle of Bourdeux.



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