The Man Wolf


In Manchac Swamp, in Louisiana St. John parish, the Rougarou is a popular folklore similar to bigfoot. However, it’s a man who shapeshifts and looks tall and animal like. “It is most often described as having a human body with the head of a wolf or dog, with glowing red eyes and razor sharp teeth (Nadel).” It’s birth place is France and around the time of the Middle Ages its story was used to keep curious children from playing around in the woods. Though, over time the story changed when the french traveled to southwest Louisiana.
Darcia Naydel said in her article The Rougarou: Louisiana's Cajun Werewolf that some viewed the idea of Rougarou as a genetic disorder that is turned on by a trigger. After the human body enlarges and crave fresh raw meat which is scary because someone you walk by or live next to everyday could be this beast. Many tourist visit Manchac Swamp and report that they would often hear a growl or howl in the distance. Since wolves are not common in the swamp many come conclude that it is the Rougarou lurking and roaming around the area.