Judice Inn

No Frie Zone!

A small restaurant originally built in 1947 on the outskirts of town turns into a busy hub during lunch hour and is regarded as one of the most popular burger joints in town by using the same menu and ingredients since it began.

Built and established by brothers, Alcide and Marc Judice, Judice Inn became one of Lafayette’s treasures serving up the “’best hamburgers in town’” since April 5, 1947 where men or women on horseback could stop off to have lunch or dinner to enjoy a delicious hamburger dressed with what both brothers call a “secret sauce” and a side of chips (NO FRIES!). The building is located at its original site in the heart of Lafayette, LA on bustling Johnston Street, once referred to as the Abbeville Highway. This unchanging menu and family-oriented restaurant has kept business booming for seventy-five years with college students, travelers, laborers, businessmen and many more wanting to taste the best Cajun food around. To commemorate the start of the business in 1947, Judice Inn held a celebration for their fifty year anniversary as well as their seventy-fifth this year. During this year’s celebration, Judice Inn sold their burgers for only $1.00! They continue to price their burgers at an amazing $3.50 on a daily basis where it is always served “wrapped in wax paper with a thick onion slice hanging out in the folds.” According to Alcide and Marc, the hamburger is made with “pure, fresh, 100 percent ground beef” and is “seasoned to the tastes of South Louisianians [and the secret sauce is used] to enhance the flavor” which “is what gives Judice burgers a signature taste.” However, most people would be surprised to learn that their famous hamburger once rivaled another item on the menu, a shrimp burger. Even so, the Judice Inn hamburger never lost popularity since many customers continued to purchase it with a side of chips and an iced Coca Cola as they created memories with family and friends during each visit. According to “East Lafayette”, Judice Inn “has earned numerous ‘best burger’ accolades in local contests, plus being recognized in national publications and internet sites such as USA TODAY, Southern Living and Yelp and books such as ‘Eat Where the Locals Eat’ and ‘Home Town Favorites’.” Judice Inn continues to be one of the best restaurants in town and will continue to do so if they keep focusing on their “family friendly dining and [being] involved in the community.”



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3134 Johnston Street Lafayette, LA 70503